they have stopped laying! could it be PTSD?


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
Okay, I had to leave my chickens with a sitter about 3 weeks ago. Great sitter, she did a great job. I got a phone call about one week out. My lazy neighbor's Dog is out running and has killed one of my chickens. Poor bob i knew him well. We came home 2 days later. No eggs. Now it is weired. They had just started to lay. I was so excited. I have checked for lice and the like. I have checked for eaters. I have video taped the coop, no nastys getting in. Could they be traumatized. They saw there buddy get killed.(we made a police report but no one will do anything) What should i do? thank you. (and to all who may think i am pokeing fun at people with PTSD, I have PTSD. I know the torment it can cause on not just your life but the life of others. i can laugh now but it has taken years to get this far.) thank you for your time. oh yay, i forgot it has been 5 days that i know of with no eggs. no molting no hideing. im going nuts. lol
They very could be stressed, I'm not sure I would label it PTSD, as I'm not sure if chickens are capable of that, I just don't know, but I do know that when laying hens get stressed they may stop laying for a while until they get back in their routine, you could jump start them by loading them up with extra shell, but other than that I would just wait, could take a another week or two.
Mine will stop laying for a bit anytime they get stressed out. I don't know that I'd call it PTSD so much, but chickens are creatures of routine, and they REALLY do not like any break in the routine or any type of unusual incident. Just continue to keep things calm for them and give it a while and they will likely start back up.

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