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    I've been fighting both my chicken flocks for several weeks now in their refusal to eat their feed. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the bag i had at first, but now we've tried 3 different brands and they refuse them all. One coop will suffer through and eat about 1/3-1/2 of their usual amount. But the other coop simply refuses to eat more than maybe a cup of food and that's for 17 hens. Since they're eating so little they have basically stopped laying. The coop that will eat a tiny bit is giving me about 1-4 eggs out of 15 hens. The other coop i'm getting 1 egg from one hen about 4-5 times a week is all. She's in a cage so i know it's her laying. Otherwise everyone seems to be healthy but they do act hungry. I haven't changed anything else about how i'm managing them. They're a mix of 2 and 3 yr olds and one 2 yr old rooster (he also is sticking his nose up at the food). Any ideas of how to get them eating again? I'm starting to worry as it's getting colder here. Should i start giving them vitamins in their water since they're not getting them through food. Oh, and they are even sticking their noses up at fresh foods which has never happened before.
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    Don't give them food for one day and make them feel hungry then give them the food they will eat as much as possible. And don't let them fight again . Try to separate the two which is fighting [​IMG]

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