They sold Stan! D:

Oncoming Storm

Jun 3, 2019
So in Cartersville Georgia, the Tellus museum had a T Rex skeleton named Stan. He is one of the most complete T. rex remains that have been discovered. For my whole life, every visit to the Tellus, Stan was one of my favorite exhibits. And they sold him. In October, he was sold for over 31 MILLION dollars!! This makes me kind of sad because I don’t know if Stan will be at the Tellus anymore or if they’ll send him to a different museum. Anyways I just wanted to share this wild fact that a dinosaur skeleton was sold at an auction. Poor Stan.
Isn't it incredible that anyone or any entity has that much money to spend on a single skeleton? But it must be a great windfall for the seller. Let's hope the money is spent well.

But I'm sorry that you may lose your visits to Stan.

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