They were laying, now there not.. Help?


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6 Years
Aug 12, 2013
I have 2 chickens and they started laying about 3 weeks ago. I get two eggs a day, but lately I haven't gotten any.They go in the coop sometimes for a while like they are about to lay, but end up leaving the coop without a egg in it. Is that normal? Are they laying the eggs somewhere else? If you know anything about this please help. Thanks
There is always a chance they are laying somewhere else. Where are you located? With the declining daylight we're getting to about that time when they will quit laying for winter
If you wonder whether they are hiding their eggs, they probably are. Under a bush is a typical spot. I had one hen who loved to lay in an open top cardboard box in a corner of the shop. They like spots you can't see just walking by. It's also possible you have an egg thief like a snake, rat or skunk; lots of little critters that are too small to hurt the chicken like their eggs. Where I live, if I'm not getting eggs, there is probably a rat snake hanging around.
Thanks, Ill go look around in the morning.

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