They won't eat their layer pellets!

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  1. MrsMack

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    Sep 29, 2013
    Newcastle, Australia
    My six girls won't eat their layer pellets. They started on a complete layer mix being pellets, corn, grains and sunflower seeds. I then changed to just layer pellets (cheaper option too!) but they wouldn't eat it, mind you they do look rather boring! So back to the complete layer mix I went as their pellets looked better. On a closer inspection, they were ditching the layer pellets out of that too! Over the past 3-4 wks we have had some feather pecking / eating going on - could this be due to lack of protein because the layer pellets aren't being eaten? Then again it could be boredom. The girls are all good layers and the shells are hard.

    In an attempt to get the pellets eaten instead of wasted, I made the plain pellets into a mash first soaking them in boiling water and mashing them up. I then add in some yoghurt and/or kefir (thin drinkable yoghurt). The chickens ate it all up. Is this okay to do, turning the pellets into a mash on a regular / daily basis?
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    Put out the plain pellets and don't give them anything else until they eat them all
    They won't starve
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    Scratch grains are like chicken crack, like a friend told me, and he's right. Give them that, and that's all they'll want when given the option. That's why scratch is given sparingly. Scratch is mainly carbohydrates with little nutritional value.
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    Yes, it's ok to do. But you don't have to use *boiling* water.
  5. MrsMack

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    I just used the boiling water to make it go softer quicker. I then let in cool in the fridge before giving it to them. I mix it up before I go to bed then give it to them in the morning. My worry is if they don't eat it will more feathers be on the menu for one of my girls!
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    In the morning I simply put some water in a plastic trough, that is in the run, add feed till it starts to pile up just out of the water. Then I let the chickens out. By the time they finish the morning scratch, the pellets have already started to soften. In fact some of them ignore the scratch, and go to the feed. And they do have dry feed in coop. I only do about half of what they would need for their daily food so it is gone by night.
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