They won't go in the coop!

Classy Chick

Oct 18, 2012
I am new the wonderful world of chickens and just got my six silkie hens three days ago. My Grandfather built me a custom chicken coop that has a 11ft by 4ft run with a roomy coop that they have to use a ramp to go up into with a very big door. When the girls arrived I put them inside the coop and kept them their for almost 24 hours. Then I opened the door and they all scuttled out. That night they hopped up onto the roost in the run and slept there. They won't go into the coop to lay their eggs (They lay them under the ramp), I have tried bribing them with food but they will not go up their. Last night I picked them up and put them in the coop, but they only stayed there for about five minutes before roosting outside again. They have two big nest boxes and a roost inside the coop, I don't know why they won't sleep or even go up there. Please help, thank you!
x2, 24 four hours isn't enough time for them to get to feel the coop is home.

x3 They need at least three days shut in to get used to a new routine. Also, it took my silkie awhile to learn how to use the ramp in my coop. Maybe put some really good treats on it and watch them to make sure they can do. If not, work with them until they can. Going down is much easier than going up.

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