They're beginning to think they OWN the place!!


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May 3, 2009
Cochrane, WI
And not just the coop either! Before mowing my lawn, I found 2 chickens proudly taking over the wicker lounge chairs around the firepit. The chicks, at about 4 months, not only follow me around, but try to get in the house every time I go in!!! Some of them perch right on the legde outside my sliding door.

They are too funny, and I still love 'em even though they think they own the place.
Yep, I posted not too long ago about my hens sneaking in the kitchen door to steal cat food. If they ever figure out how to open the refrigerator, we're in trouble.
My polish chicken does this too. She will sneak into the house any chance she gets and peck at everything on the floor. She knows that my kids drop a lot of food around the dining room table. I appreciate her cleaning off the crumbs but I don't appreciate the poop...

Recently she's been ganging up with the other chickens and sneaking them into the house, too.

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