They're starting to hatch!!!!

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    We have 16 eggs in the bator right now. a mix of Lav Ameracaunas, Lav Orpingtons, and Blue/Black Cooper Marans all from The Garry Farm from BYC (bargain). We currently have 15, 3 year old girls from our first flock that we plan on adding to since they're very close to retirement age :) Tomorrow will be day 21 and I am SUPER excited to have just found the first PIP!!!!!

    This is our very first time hatching and I've been a worry wart the whole time. We started with 26 eggs but noticed many didn't start developing for whatever reason. Some that did start developing, stopped sometime during the process. One had a blood ring which we eggtopsied and indeed found a blood ring and an embryo that stopped developing around day 10 (we candled this round at day 15). We ended up getting the 1588 Genesis Hova-Bator which really made the process easy. It's as close to set-it-and-forget-it as you can get.The humidity Day 1-18 was between 48-53% and temp held steady around 99.7. On day 18 we bumped the humidity up at and has been holding steady at 63%. Temp has stayed around 99.7 as usual. I'm honestly hoping for just 2 eggs to hatch but have a little more hope now that one has pipped!
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    Congratulations!!! [​IMG]

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