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    Hi- I have 21 wk old ladies who have been laying eggs for a few weeks now. Recently, we have gotten an egg with no shell, and today there was two eggs in the box cracked because of thin shells. This has also happened once before. I have been giving them calcium in the form of crushed egg shell and oyster shell, but do you have any suggestions to help with this problem? They are on agway layer feed. Thanks so much!
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    Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D3 need to be in proper balance for good egg shell production.
    Layer feed, once the birds are laying should make up 90+ % of the diet. Oyster shell in a separate container for the birds that feel the need for more calcium. Is the oyster shell in a separate container?

    An occasional soft or thin egg from pullets isn't uncommon. Stress and an immature shell gland can contribute.

    Diseases like Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, avian influenza, Egg Drop Syndrome can cause shell-less eggs.

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