Things that make you go, "hmmmm?"


May 24, 2020
Well, I'd resigned myself. Ms Gypsy at 13 months stopped laying (end of last June). Nothing wrong with her. Couldn't find any evidence of eggs being eaten or hidden. She's an EE and had been my last hen to lay but most consistent 5-6 eggs / week. I had switched to a different brand of layer pellets, but when I switched back, still no eggs.

Yesterday I found a wee blue egg. Same size as her first couple. Could she be starting up again? What the sam hell is goin on??
In my experience, some hens seem to take a hiatus, then decide to restart production. I had seen nothing from my Salmon Faverolles this year. As they are getting up in years, I thought nothing of it; they live with a couple of other "retirees."

Then, all of a sudden, they not only restarted production, they became incredibly vocal about stealing a nest box in another coop and chasing off the coop's rightful residents.


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