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Ok, so this weekend we are going to be bldg a happy little home outside for the geese...we have 11 of them that are 2 weeks old. How old do they need to be before I can move them outside? Weather here is 70's-80's during the day and in the 50's at night. Right now I do let them out in a fenced area to play during the day but they come inside at night.
Next question: I would eventually like them to be able to roam our property during the day and then come back to their house area at I need to wait until they are a certain age before I give them the free range option?
What are others using for bedding in the outside goose house?
I apoligize for all my questions, but I feel like the over protective parent cuz this is all so new to me!
One more quick question...I have them on chick starter right long can they be on it for before I need to switch it? And what do I switch it to?
By the time they're 2 weeks old they should be on a grower formula
or something like Purina Flock Raiser and all the greens they can eat.
Greens and exercise is vital for proper growth and development
and to help prevent angel wing. Goslings thrive on tender grass,
all they can eat and LOTs of fresh water daily.
I use chick start the first 2 weeks then gradually switch them over to
16% Purina Duck Grower pellets.
20% of their diet can consist of steam rolled oats or wheat
which would be especially desirable if using the higher protein
flock raiser formulas. Wet the rolled oats with water to encourage them to eat them.
You don't want to encourage fast growth which can lead to wing and leg problems.

I still provide my gosling's and ducklings (3 - 6 weeks old)
with a heat lamp in their out building at night to warm them up
on chilly nights, especially if they are wet from playing in their pool.
Until they are feathered out make sure they have a dry and warm place at
night. If its 50º at night they still need supplemental heat at
just 2 weeks old, dry bedding and a draft free sleeping area.

I don't allow mine to free range unsupervised until the are big enough
to no longer get the attention of a pesky Coopers Hawk we have problems
with on occasion.
You need not worry about them wandering off.
They stay close to what they are familiar with and will not go into the
woods or tall grass (at least mine don't).
I have a tips on raising waterfowl on my website
you might want to check out.

Best wishes with your new babies!
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