Think I tramatized my ducks today...


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Several of my ducks have developed the beginning stages of angel wing. I read online how to wrap the wings to the body to correct this. I drug my husband in to help me, but we didn't realize what we were getting into. Its not nearly as easy as people make it sound, or at least for us it wasn't!
. After two tries, one time the wrap came off, the other the duck was so thrown off that he wouldn't even get up and move around, we gave up on that method. We ended up wrapping each wing individually as it should lay with athletic tape. Has anyone else tried a similar method? I guess worse case scenario is that it doesn't correct it for all of them right?
The only duck I ever tried to wrap had a dropping wing due to a hawk attack injury. I was never able to keep the wrap on her for more than 10 minutes
That makes me feel better. One good thing that came out of the whole ordeal... They were very easy to sex as they were picked up and quaked frantically!
We unwrapped two of the five that had managed to keep their tape on for the past few days. Their wings looked much better. We still rewrapped them as well as the other three just to be sure. Only took us 20 min. to do all five tonight!
Are you using vet wrap or just athletic tape? Vet wrap stays tighter and sticks to itself. Better for animals, hence the name "vet wrap". Not sure if it would work better, but just a suggestion.
I tried vet wrap without luck and am using athletic tape now, which is working great! We are able to get it tight enough to hold feathers in place wrapping each wing separately, but its not too sticky that we can't get it off fairly easily after a few days. The ducks responded much better to each wing being taped separately rather than wrapped next to their bodies. All ducks still had their tape on today so went much better than the first time around.
Yeah, the tape worked! Just took off the 2nd round of tape (without too much difficulty) and all wings look good! Was worth the effort and I will say that I would recommend the single wing athletic tape method. Worked well for us at least!
I had the problem of vet wrap coming off, so I put medical tape over top of it and it helped keep it on without sticking to the duck. I wrapped above the leg and behind it enough so he could walk fine, and his vent wasn't covered.

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