think shipped eggs had some bacterial issue - clean brisnea octagon 20

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    Apr 4, 2009
    I usually hatch my flock's eggs with good results. I decided to buy some from someone and have shipped to me to try something different and it has been a heartbreaking experience. I received 12 eggs that looked pretty good visually. I left 7 in the incubator at lock down. Five hatched, but they appeared weaker that what I had normally experienced. Within 7 days they have all died. They would get where they sleep all the the time, wouldn't eat, have droopy wings, and pant all the time. The environment was fine, so I know it wasn't that. I'm thinking it was some sort of bacterial infection that was in the egg. I have since was everything with a bleach mixture, but I am concerned about my Brisnea Octagon 20 Advance. I am not sure how to thoroughly clean the top part where the fan and electronics are. I want to make sure I get rid of any trace of bacteria or virus or whatever. Thanks.
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    Well, I took out the 6 little screws that hold the clear acryllic grill over the heating element and fan, and that allowed me to get in there and wipe down as much of it as possible with bleach and water solution. I also used my air compressor to blow out all of the chick fuzz from the fan. Just be careful not to get any water onto the electronics and don't break the heating element.

    Really, I think this rigid plastic is much easier to get clean than a foam incubator, which has a lot of little micropores where bacteria can hide.

    You could probably use a light spray of Lysol in there as well, just to cover everything. Make sure it's all dry before you plug it back in.

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