Thinking about a future peafowl


8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
South Carolina
Thinking about asking for a peacock for my birthday in July but I don't know if it will be a good idea or not! I live in a neighborhood and not a more urban area. I'm not sure if this would just annoy my neighbors. So far they don't mind my chickens free roaming my yard but they stay in my yard only and will be in a coop in a few weeks and I haven't had a rooster start crowing yet... Haha

Do people clip flight feathers on peafowl? I know I read they like roosting on your roof and everything. I have an acre fenced in despite where I live. And the coop would fit a peacock...maybe. Haha! I was actually discussing with my coworker earlier how people transport peacocks since their tails are so long?!
You will need a peahen or else he will never shut up! You can clip their feathers but you don't need to if they are penned.
When I wanted peafowl before even starting on the pen or getting my hopes up we went around and asked neighbors if they didn't mind. We only have one neighbor so we didn't have to go all over the place asking but it is a good thing to do. It would be way worse if you got peafowl and then had neighbors complaining and getting mad because sometimes your peacock calls at night. Make sure you address the common misconceptions about peafowl. They don't call all the time like most people think, they only call during the breeding season. If you only have one male then it will be less noisy than if you had 4. They tend to call whenever they hear strange noises. To help neighbors accept you having peafowl and to help them enjoy it offer them to come over and see them when you get them. Our neighbors were thrilled to come over and see the peafowl once we got them and when we eventually let them free-range they would sometimes hang out in the neighbor's yard which the neighbors loved so much that they wished they stayed in their yard more...Especially since the peacock displayed for them one day when they pulled up in their driveway after going somewhere. Make sure the coop is big enough, they need at least a six foot tall pen with a good width since they need plenty of space to display. They like to roost high up to so the higher the perch the better and the better to keep the peacock's beautiful train from touching the ground and getting dirty. People transport peacocks with long trains all sorts of ways...

You might even want to try getting a yearling peacock, he won't have the long train (tail) like an adult will and he won't be as loud as an adult peacock until he is three.
I'm thinking I may have to wait a while. I think the coop will be just a little too small. And I heard what they sound like on YouTube and my neighbors might kill me. (not my close ones who love the chickens) but the others who locate the source of the awful sound. Haha. If I kept the wings clipped my backyard is fenced and they could free roam it since it's pushing an acre and part of it is nice and has a bit of underbrush for a spooked bird to run to.

My husband is military though so I don't know. It might be silly to get a pair now. Then again I've kind of learned that if I think that way I wouldn't have half of what I own. *shrug*

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