Thinking about Adding to my flock.....but I am at max capacity now.


9 Years
Aug 24, 2010
Hold up, before you start sniping me about overcrowding, read my post. I said i was only thinking about it.

Right now, I have 8 bantam ladies, in a 4X6 coop, with a 12 X 6 run. They usually have free-range time during the day for a couple of hours in the woods that surround their coop every day dependent on the weather, etc.

I try to hang out with them during their free range period because I worry about them and of my girls got taken out by a bird of prey last year.

My girls will be celebrating their 1 year birthday February 9. I am not sure whether I should purchase a couple of bantam chicks now to cycle into the group in the summer with the idea that most likely, a couple of my current girls may meet their decline via raptor every time I let them out to free range. Sometimes i wonder if I should've bought standard size girls to prevent MORE loss due to raptors, because I am pretty sure that it was a coopers hawk or sharp shinned that snagged my girl last year. And a cooper's hawk is more adept at maneuvering in the woods (as opposed to a red-tail, for instance), so I know my bantam girls are little feathered snacks running around.....
Sure. Feed all the current chickens to the hawks and then you have room for more chicks and after the hawks eat all the new chicks, you will have room for even more new chickens.

Sounds like a good plan to me and the math seems to work out OK.

seriously though i think a few more should be okay. but maybe wait until you need to replace lost birds? ...or build a bigger coop of course
Hey Oregon Blue! Thanks for being a smart a$$! Way to build a good rapport with newbies!

Thanks Tiny takes what, 5 months for my chicks to mature to egg laying status? I am just hoping I don't lose anymore of my current girls! :-(
5- 10+ depending on breed. old english bantams are great free rangers and usually fair layers too, plus they're friendly and hardier than most bantams! sumatras are a good choice as well!

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