Thinking about getting an Australorp Rooster?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Bricheze, Jun 17, 2008.

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    Jun 17, 2008
    I work at a farm and we got a "Parking lot donation" today. Two Australorp Roosters, I was wondering if one of them would make a good pet? I live in utah and the temp is usually the upper 90's in the summer and sometimes can get into the 100's if that happened I'd take him inside of course! He seems pretty good temperamentally, like he fell asleep in my arms and stuff.

    I am trying to convince my mom right now. If we end up not wanting it we can take it back. I have one week to prepare my backyard for a rooster. I have no idea how to take care of them either then basic feeding. How long do Australorp Roosters live? How much upkeep do they need? How much noise do they generally make? How many health risks are there? How can I find out if it legal to own a rooster in my backyard? I have a lot of space and could easily make a coop, with the proper instructions of course. I needed to make a new place for my ferrets to stay anyways.
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    1st off-- start by reading all the FAQ's on the home page here--
    this is Our 1st batch of chickens EVER and that is where we learned all we needed!!

    2nd-- ferrets can NOT live with the chickens-- they are basically weasles-- who will attack chickens.

    Call your local Zoning office or the township supervisors office and ask about zoning for poultry.

    He WILL crow! there is no getting around it. But if you build the coop so that he will get "shut in" every night, he's less likely to crow real early and wake everyone for miles.

    as for the breed-- It is one my daughter and I are going to be raising (hens and a roo) for eggs- and for temperament... they are supposed to be quiter and calmer than most "full size" breeds--
    I did some research on them... this is what info I have on them...

    Australorps, the Australian-made "boomerang" breed, were developed from the Black Orpingtons. Many believe Australorps are a direct descendant of the strain of Orphington imported from broods raised exclusively by Englands William Cook and Joseph Partington at the turn of the century.

    Australian breeders perfected them by careful selection and crosses with other breeds. Australorps are known as great and consistant egg-layers, and have set world egg records.

    Australorp breeders still take major awards at shows all around the world. They are also popular among 4-H members and small breeders because they supply large numbers of good-sized brown eggs even in the Winter months; as well as having tasty white fleshed meat, and make successful "broody-hens"
    They are also known for their docile quiet temperament and their good-nature as a "pet" breed.'

    Good Luck!

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