Thinking about getting pet ducks


6 Years
Nov 12, 2013
I've even interested in ducks for some time, specifically Pekins. I may order some from an online hatchery (2-3 ducklings.) I plan on keeping them in a dog kennel and supplying them with other necessities but I can't devote all of my time to them. There is a public pond right across my street where a pair of mallards used to live but at the moment it's empty of waterfowl. Can I keep the ducks (when full grown) in the pond for 6-10 hours a day but continue to provide them with food shelter and clean water? Golfers/gardeners near the pond seem to scare away most potential predators, but I'd like some input from experienced owners of ducks.
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I'd keep them in a shed in a kennel at night but I'm not one to let a duck with a diaper in my house. Also, the ducks would stay at the pond from morning to afternoon (when most golfers are out.) they'd never have to search for food or shelter as they'd be at my house for morning and night. The pond is quiet and is on a golf course surrounded by houses. My biggest worry is other birds.
A little doghouse in the kennel would probably work out well. I personally wouldn't want to let them go across the street. They have a mind of their own and will swim when they want and do as they want. They will also want to cross the road when they want, no matter if safe or not. A busy golf course is dead at night when predators are on the prowl. If they decide to not want to come home well unless you go swimming they aren't coming back until they are ready. Left to their own devices they like to be up at all hours. A streetlight with bugs all over the ground is a favorite hangout up until the wee hours of the morning. Penned would be your safest bet. Buy them a kiddy pool if you want them to swim and play.

Be advised that ducks are noisy, smelly animals that love to make mud pits and put mud in their water as well. I raise them far away from the house so I don't have to hear or smell them. They are the hogs of the poultry world.

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