Thinking about Getting Some Ducks


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Oct 29, 2012
I share a large pond with my neighbor. I was wondering if there was a a way to train ducks to stay on my side of the property when they get out of the pond. There is a privacy fence all the way along the property that stops right at the edge of the pond. Just wondering if the pond would work or should I get a kiddie pool or something like that.

Another thing, I have some guinea fowl that I made a coop for. Will the ducks need something similar to go into?

Unless that fence goes straight across the pond and under the water there is no way you can keep the ducks on your side. Yes, they will need a coop to be locked in at night or else they stand a very good chance of becoming another animals midnight snack.

I'm also curious how big your property is/how close your neighbors are? I wanted to get some guinea fowl but my 5 acres is too small to keep them from driving my neighbors to homicide.
I have about 4 acres but my neighbors are quite a ways away from me. Plus they have chickens and such that come onto my property so they the understand.
Mine are fairly close since my acreage in long and skinny. I don't think they would necessarily get worked up over the occasional visitor but the racket guineas make would probably be a deal breaker. If I could have planned my land it would have been square with my house in the center.

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