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May 11, 2009
Orange, Texas
i picked up some chicks in april one of them was a barred rock rooster --- the hens look like they are finally getting ready to lay

currently all i have laying is a 14 month old RIR. she is laying every other day.

my friend has an incubator but i have never used one or ever hatched eggs. none of my hens are broody, so it does not look like i can get a momma hen to do it. i know the eggs are fertilized (bullseye) but i am not sure how to do it.

my main issue is that the barred rock rooster will have to go soon ... crowing in city limits - not sure how long i can get away with it ... i would rather hatch some eggs now than wait till spring and buy new chicks.

should i turn the incubator on and everyday they lay an egg put it in the incubator?

should i get the first egg and wait 3-4 days before turning on the incubator and put all the eggs in there as they are laid?

any opinions?

i think it will be interesting -- BR/RIR cross ... BR/BR .. and BR/Ameraucana cross
You will need to collect your eggs for up to a week or so depending on how many you want. Keep them cool but not cold, then set them in the pre heated incubator. You won't have much sucess adding a few at a time as changes to humidity are needed the last 3 days before hatch. Losts of info on the process to read here and elsewhere.
If you put the eggs in as they're laid they'll be set to hatch at all different times. Since you need to put them in lock down for the last 3 days of their incubation having them staggered like that is not a good idea. Instead, collect up the eggs she lays for 7-10 days and set them in the incubator all at once.
the more the merrier i always say ... my flock has suffered some losses recently

a week ... 7 days ... if only one is laying --- that might mean 3-4 eggs

cool ... but not cold ... could that be room temperature ... 60-75 degree's?

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