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10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
I have 3 birds that are 11 months old. Our sussex passed away about 2 months ago. The wyandotte has been broody for about 3 weeks. I am thinking of slippinga new born under her at night for her to raise. I am concerned about how the other 2 will act. Also 4 is the maximum chickens I can have so I can not do more than one. Is this a good idea?
I've heard of people having luck with slipping a baby chick under a broody, but I've also heard of cases where the hen kills the chick. I guess it depends on the hen. You may have better luck getting an older chick and intergrating her into the flock. This is take a few weeks where she would have to be in an area where they can see each other, but have no contact. There will be some pecking and chasing initially (after you let them together), but they should be able to sort out the social order.

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