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    Feb 11, 2011
    I was going to build an "A-Frame" (and still may) but am also considering remodeling an old garage. My plan for this coop is 8'X12' with a 12'X12' dog run attached outside. I will also add two fout foot wide windows, one on the south and one on the west (no access to the east end). The nest boxes will be accessible from inside the garage without entering the coop area which also will have a walk in door in the garage. I definitely plan on having sand under the roosts, but would there be any concerns about having the entire coop floor covered with sand?
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    The sand should be fine. A lot of people on here praise the effectiveness of sand when it comes to cleaning the coop. Also, the chooks would probably love to dust bathe in it.
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    May 23, 2009
    Sand is not the best substrate for cold winter climates, but if you live someplace with mild winters I highly recommend it for inside the coop. We're in North Texas, and that's what I use. It's so easy to pick droppings out from the sand using a reptile litter scoop taped to a long handle.

    I still use poop trays under the roost to make clean up even easier, though. I use plastic boot trays. They're light and easy to take over to our composter where I dump/scrape out the droppings every morning. A quick hose down and the trays go back into the coop clean. The process takes me all of five minutes.

    I would not recommend an A frame design for a coop, though. The space at the top of the "A" is not very usable space. I like the conventional square or rectangle shape with a simple shed roof (one side higher than the other), nice wide eaves, and vents under the eaves on the high side and low side.

    I do have an A frame day tractor which works fine, although I like my hoop tractor even better.

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