Thinking of having stationary coop and run then also tractor...

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    Oct 21, 2014
    We have .37 acre in Nampa, ID. It gets cold but nothing crazy (I'm from Alaska so my crazy is really crazy). We have a section of yard that's perfect for a coop and run and we have an old 8x13 dog kennel we are converting to the run, but I was thinking for all but the coldest months a tractor would be great. Any thoughts on if this is kind of too much or anything?
    Advice on how long each day for the tractor so they don't ruin the yard?
    Also how would you recommend getting the girls from the tractor back to the coop? I'm afraid our yard isn't big enough to do only a tractor and I'm afraid of the smell of only a stationary run and coop.

    Brand new chicken owners...
    2 barred Plymouth rocks
    2 Welsummer
    3 ameraucanas
    1 silver Wyandotte
    2 Rhode Island reds
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    With that many birds you will need about a 100sq ft tractor. 10 ft per bird. Or two smaller tractors. If you start your birds in the coop they will think of it as home then after about a week, move them to their tractor. At around dusk move the tractor near to the coop open the door, use maybe a small arch tunnel to connect the two and the chickens should go to the coop to roost.

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