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  1. Since Winter is around the corner. Something popped in my head. In the spring times. If my Peacock and Peahen Hit it off. And my hen lays eggs, I have two opitions, Let her brooding (I might have the wrong word, Please tell me if I do) them or Incubate them. Its a hard choice. I', trying out my incubator see how wonderful it works with quail eggs. But I know Peacock eggs are harder to incubate.
    There are some cons and benefits with letting them Brooding them.
    My birds get to have the parents feeling, I get to have pics of the parents and peachicks.

    The babies will be afraid of humans like their parents. I don't have the joy on raising them in the Brooder.

    Unless there is a way to have all the benefits without having the cons (Or some).

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    Think thats a easy one..........peahen will lay about 3 clutch of eggs a year, pull the first 2 clutches and incubate them ,let them broody last clutch of the year. they will lay about 5 or 6 eggs per clutch then take a few days break.
  3. Quote:ah okay. So, If I don't want the chicks to end up bad, Can I Take the chicks away when they hatch? or is it easier to let the mom have the last one and seperate them if I want to sell the chicks?

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