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I think my roo has a case of bumblefoot on both feet. I noticed he's been tender footed. We live in SW Florida and have been getting a ton of rain so I'm sure that isn't helping things.. I have done some looking around and believe it is bumblefoot but wanted to get some other, more experienced opinions on it. The bottom looks horrible but he's doesn't have a huge bulge on the tops of his feet. His 'ankles' if you will are a little big, as pictured below. I haven't soaked his feet for extended period of time yet, I'm also thinking he may have scaly leg mites near the bottom? Any help would be appreciated greatly. Tomorrow will be the day for him to get treated. Thanks again

The bottom of his feet

The top of his feet..
That looks like bumblefoot to me. I don't think that he has scaly leg mites; bird's scales are naturally raised at the juncture of the foot and leg. As a side note, I think you should think about trimming his spurs, as they look rather long.
Ok, thanks for the input. If his foot is not very swollen on top, is that a good thing as where it may not need surgery just some soaking and picking with neosporin applied? Or should I still try to dig it all out with a scalpel? Also, as far as his spurs go - he is a pleasant bird and doesn't give anyone (us or the girls) much of an attitude. However, since I will be treating his feet, I planned on addressing the spurs as well.
Which do you think is easier/safer? Husking them or just cutting them back?

Thanks again!
You can just file down the points so he does not hurt any hens. If the bumblefoot is causing him pain or he is limping, or it is swollen, I would do the surgey on the worst one, wait a week or two, and do the other side.
Ok, thanks for the help.. I am going to be attempting this here soon.. Double checking that I have everything I need and saying a prayer for him!
Well, bumblefoot surgery complete, finally... Took quite some time digging, cutting, pulling and soaking. Pretty sure we got everything out. The scab came off with a large abcess piece with it and then we dug out another big piece. We sprayed in Vetericyn gel, packed Neosporin over that with gauze, held on with Vetwrap. Now, when we check it in a couple days, do we need to soak it again before we re-wrap it? Or if things look good do we just redo the Vetericyn and Neosporin and rewrap? Keeping my fingers crossed we've got everything all cleaned up for him..
If scabbed over then you may need to soak, but more than likely clean and re-medicate, you can also add a layer of Duct Tape around the Vet wrap to help that stay on longer.
Ok, thanks. So if there is no scab, the infection is all gone and we just need to reclean and rewrap - thank you! Hoping he's all done - surely he feels much better!

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