This chicken business is "killing" me!


5 Years
Jun 8, 2014
Yesterday I was worried one of our pullets is really a cockerel and now today our two pullets just died! One late this morning and one just in the last hour. We can't see any sign of trauma or anything unusual. I was outside an hour ago and she seemed fine. Is there anything we should look for? I am wondering if our hen that just laid her first egg yesterday is next. We also have one other 3 month old pullet/cockerel, still not real sure. UGH!
Check eyes, the colour of the comb, if the comb is limp. Check poops, check feed for signs of spoiling. Any poisons around? Pesticides herbicides rat poison.... Toxic plants. Anything odd in the run or coop or free range area. Hmmmm what do they eat? What about deficiencies. That's all I can think of. Good luck hopes it's nothing big. If you haven't already post some pics of the could be boys, someone could probably tell you the sex.

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