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    I bought 25 golden buff chicks in Aug 27 and sold 10 of them in Jan. I talked to the lady I sold them to a few days ago and she said hers had been laying for 3 weeks. There is 19 pullets in a 6 ft by 20 ft pen a 6 by 6 house. There is not any roosters in the group. They are a little over 6 mos old and I can't figure out why they want lay. Included in the 19 are 4 Dominique and 3 rir the same age. I wormed them several days ago with goat wormer. I sure need some help here. Thanks.
  2. There is a bunch of info that is missing here to fully help.

    This age is when they START laying usually. You may want to give them an incentive by switching to laying feed if you haven't yet. That MAY help. Make sure they are getting enough light. Not sure where you are at but light does play a role for sure. Maybe try some cayenne pepper in there feed for a little pep.

    That being said perhaps your worming them may inhibited them some.

    Give em time. They should start any time now.
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