This is just sick.


Free Ranging
Feb 7, 2020


Free Ranging
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Jul 29, 2013
Cleveland OH
While it's definitely weird, I'm not sure it's particularly horrible. I mean, male chicks and ducklings get thrown into woodchippers or gassed or worse on a large scale at hatcheries, and we all know it and talk about it. If you buy a sexed chick from a hatchery chances are good a boy chick got impolitely discarded as a result and we still shop there and get advertisements from it...

I would be pretty cozy knowing they got turned into taxidermy animals instead, personally. That's better IMO than being chipped up. I just don't know what purpose you would buy them for. Staging photos without using live animals, maybe? It would probably be better/safer in many cases than using live baby animals. Dioramas perhaps?

It's strange for sure though.

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