This is more about getting the hatching eggs lol I heard the Amish sell got stock but how do i fin

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    Jan 9, 2013
    I have bought an incubator that hold around 200 eggs. Got it filled up for the first time with some random chicken eggs to see how it preforms but after i hatch this batch i want to move on to other breeds.

    I have heard that the chickens eggs my hatchery gets are from the Amish. So far i have been very happy with the quality of there birds but im less interested in buying chicks as i am incubating my own.

    I also learned that the Amish have just about every bread under the sun that i could possibly want and tons of eggs to sell lol.

    Only down side is no one wants to tell me were they are due to them wanting to resell me the eggs that they bought from them. [​IMG]

    Normally i would be fine with that but they charge a higher price and cant remember witch egg goes to witch breed. (These are other people other than the hatchery) On top of that i dont know that i can trust that they are under 7 days of age.

    I live in Springfield, MO

    Do any of you guys buy eggs from the Amish? Could you give me a push in the right direction? thanks [​IMG]
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