This is my first time raising keets without a hen......

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Lollipop, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Very interresting experience. I kept them penned until they were 2 months old. Now they free range during the day and I herd them into their pen under my pole barn at night. If I didn`t they would huddle together in front of the pole barn all night and be very vulnerable. Most of their day is spent under the junipers next to my driveway . The middle of the day they like to be back in their pen. Go figure. This has been their routine for 4 days now and they don`t seem to be interrested in bugs or hunting the property. I`m sure they will roam and be good buggers as they mature. Just interresting to see the difference between brooder keets and hen raised keets. Anyone else observe anything like this?........Pop
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    I'm glad to have read this one, because its been over a decade without guineas for me and I plan on returning to it next spring. I don't plan on being out-smarted this time either. No more egg hidding allowed. I will be sure to inform my other half about your birds shell shocked experience. I am convinced that your experience is a temporary one though. I'm sure they will act normal soon.
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    Yeah, mine didn't go far the first week out in the big world either. Thought I had it made until the neighbor came over one afternoon and said he herded them back to my yard cause the got on the road and wandered almost a half a mile away.

    Now they stop down at the neighbors every day, several times a day(about a 1/4 mile away). I'm lucky they get a kick out of them too and don't mind....but I'm getting a little jealous that their hanging out down there so much. I think my neighbor is trying to steal my guineas.. at least they come home at night. We have over 40 acres of connected land, but that just isn't enough for them I guess.
  4. Here we are a few days later and a few things have changed. Last 3 days we have had heavy rain and they have spent most of their days under the pole barn. A really good thing is that they now insert themselves into their pen in the evening. With the 19 keets is a Brazilian rooster that is about 3 weks older and was brooded with them. He thinks he is a keet. He was the first one to return to the pen to roost, so maybe they took the que from him. All but 3 roost inside the pen and I feel good about them being safer than the 3 that persist in roosting on top of the pen. Eventually I hope they get the idea to roost in the pole barn rafters as they would be safe there from any predators, even owls.......Pop
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    I have 28 guineas that I brooded without a hen. They just started free ranging this week (at 10 weeks) and so far they have followed me into the coop every evening to get their food. I have to say that these are the friendliest guineas I've ever raised. I keep a waterer in their for them and they go inside during the day to get a drink. I'm glad this crew thinks of the coop as home.

    Mine also don't go too far from home unless I'm out there. They follow me around the pasture which is both loud and funny.

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