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9 Years
Aug 17, 2010
I've had chickens for about a year now. One of my girls has gone broody. We have no rooster so there will be no chicks. I tried to look under her for eggs, but she bit me twice. I didn't see any, but there could be a few in there. I just leave her alone. She's been on the nest for about 5 days. Will she stay there until she realizes nothing is going to happen? I really don't care if she's in there and don't want to move her unless I should.
Another things I was thinking of doing. There are a few places around I can get some fertilized eggs. If I do that, do I just put them in her nest box with her? Will she accept them? How many should I buy? Can it be duck, turkey, quail eggs, or stick with chickens? Just thought it would be neat to try.
Anyway, this is all new to me with her going broody. I figure I'll let nature takes it course, but am curious how long this will carry on and if getting some fertilized eggs is a good or bad idea.
My broody hens will sit on an empty nest until I think they are going to just die there
. There are 'tricks' you can try to get them to give it up (which some here may be able to suggest), but I almost always end up just giving them a few fertile eggs or a few newbie chicks from the feed store. I've hatched chicken and duck eggs (and the hens can be pretty cute with the ducklings), but as I learned after a bad hatch, the duck eggs really need to be misted every so often or the ducklings' membranes dry out and they get stuck in the shell before or during hatching.

Introducing day (or two day) old chicks can be tricky, but after a few failed attempts I've gotten pretty good at it. The hens might not be as likely to accept chicks until they've sat there for awhile (not sure if it makes a difference or not). I usually don't try introducing chicks until they've already been on the nest for a few weeks, but don't wait too long, as feed stores often stop selling fairly early in the season.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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