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I am certain that I switched out the hens eggs for a CM and Del. Now the Del could've been iffy as the roo is in w/ a mix of hens. But the CM could be none other as the CM's are seperate. However this chick doesn't look like the CM's posted w/ Cackles. site. They are a week old but this chick never had any white on it's chest that I recall. Could I have made a mistake? Now the hens and roo are from a private breeder and definitly CM's two of the hens are from Ideal and they are lighter than the private breeder hens, which lay darker eggs. The eggs that hatched one was Del and the other lighter than private breeder eggs, so I figure it was from an Ideal hen. Does any of this makes sense? The chick does have black feet. Anyhow the broody was a Dominique and the chick doesn't look like a Dom/Del cross and while there are Blak Aus. in w/ the Del roo the chick doesn't look like a Bk Aus chick either. He's/She's feathering out nice, but it's chest is blk.

The third pic is of a Del / SlW cross. It couldn't be a Dom/Del cross could it? This chick was hatched in an incu.

I intend to move the Dels to their own pen in the spring and put the CM roo in w/ the mix of hens as I can easily tell the CM eggs as they are darkest of all the eggs.



That does look like a CM chick, Tim. Probably a pullet from the dark down color, but hard to say unless you get pics in natural sunlight (what's that? LOL). Many pullets of barred breeds have dark color down the leg fronts. They do not always have lots of white on the chests. Could also be a CM or Dom/Aussie cross with the barred one being the sire. Don't know about the last one, though.
Babies have pinky baby colored legs on barred breeds. They aren't yellow or white at the beginning, I don't think. I have a BR/Ameraucana cross with white legs, but they started out orangey.

It may become more obvious as it feathers out what the cross is, if it is a cross.
Well it can't be a Dom/aussie cross as I only have two roos. One is a CM and he is in w/ 5 hens.. Three of those hens are dark and the barring is not quite as noticable as the CM hatchery hens.
The other roo is a Del roo. He is in w/ 19 other hens. 2 dom, 3 aussie, 2 bo, 3 slw, 2 glw, 3 hatchery dels and 4 non hatchery dels.

I do have some CM hathcing under a broody hen in the back today. They're from the incu that quit so this should give me some to compare to this chick. I'll be posting pics cuz I'm haveing fun doing it. Hope its' ok.
Here's the new ones. There are three. Some have more white spots than others and some have barely any white on the wing tips. All are definitely marans. I brought them in to the brooder as the hen has 13 more eggs. One of the eggs was pretty tore up the shell was missing mostly and it was solid and had a chick, of course I tossed it. There are two Del chicks also, that would mean of the 9 from the broken incu 5 have hatched and one is tossed. She did settle on the rest so maybe things will work out. I did smell something in the nest but she is big and I hate to move her. Maybe I could move her tonight and check things out? It is pretty crowded.

I will definitly have broody setups for future. I didnt expect them to go broody this fast. All the literature seemed to say it was a rare thing or so I thought. That's why I read and reread the books.



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