This looks weird!! Crop?


Apr 26, 2022
Central Oregon
Hi all, first-time chicken mama here. I have two baby chicks about 2 weeks old and I just noticed something strange looking on my Lavender Orpington when I picked her up. At first I thought it was some huge creepy abscess on her shoulder, but upon closer inspection I think it might be her full crop?? I could see little pieces inside it that would shift around if I touched it, which looked so gross at first but then I thought oh is it food? I have 9 other chicks that are 8 weeks old and never saw that on any of those, but maybe it’s just the lighter feathers and translucent skin?? Also these chicks are on crumble and the others were on mash. Can y’all put my mind at ease? Is this her normal crop and I’ve just been watching too much Stranger Things? I’m extra paranoid about these babies because we had 2 others that got taken out of our laundry room by our neighbor’s cat through the cat door when we were away for a night :hitthese girls are “replacements” from the same hatch.


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