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    Sep 21, 2013
    So we got our first egg on Tuesday and a second one yesterday. Our ladies were way overdue in starting. The feed store told me to add dry cat food to the laying feed (dry cat food had 30% protein). The ladies gobbled it up. We were told to stop table scraps and go just with the feed and cat food. We had been going crazy with feed worms, real worms, fruit and veggies and all. This was not giving them enough protein. So yesterday I went to purchase more laying feed and they told me to put the crushed oyster shells in its own bowl and that our ladies would only eat it as needed. Also, I bought some cheap fatty hamburger meat and rolled some into balls and they really likes it. More protein. PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN. Both of our first eggs came out with nice hard shells. We have 5 hens and one rooster so we will see if we can hit 3 days in a row. We let them free range and they will get out in the yard and brush but they seem to like to stay in the pen. Maybe they feel safer, who knows. We have not had predator issues. So they prefer the pen to getting to far out in the free range area.

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    Nutrition and light are both important. Birds at POL this time of year usually start later unless one adds a few hours of light to the coop.
    How long have you been feeding layer feed? That is lower in protein and higher in calcium than grower.
    They should be on grower till they all start laying. The excess calcium for those not building egg shells is hard on the kidneys.
    The oyster on the side is good advice. Those that are laying can choose to eat it. Those that aren't won't.

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