This might sound dumb- Can ducks eat grass with pesticides?


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Nov 28, 2010
We put pesticides in our grass, but after hearing about all the duckies that can forage. I thought it would be cool if we could too (supervised of course). most of our backyard is dirt, but we have a big patch of grass. I just feel bad about keeping them confined in a 10' X 6' pen all day.

So would it be okay, or should I just keep them penned up???

(P.S. I thought about the front yard, but we use pesticides there too.)

(P.S.2 The pesticides are for bugs, and weeds i think)
You should find information on the packaging of the product you are using to indicate if it is safe or not. It may mention a period of 1 - 2 weeks- or possibly longer- it really depends on exactly what you use.

There are some chemical free natural sprays I will use at times if absolutely necessary- but I find the ducks are adequate insect eradicators.

If there is nothing on the package- there should at least be a contact phone number or website listed on the packaging that you can use to contact the company direct with your inquiry as to if the product is safe or not.
Both can eat grass- I find the area directly around the swimming pool gets worked over the most as they pull up they grass and dabbling in the water alot. They will " tear it up " more when it ground is soft after rain- and often there are holes - or small puddles of mud. But in normal weather- they dont make too much mess om a large area of grass - being a limited area- you may have to limit the time they have access to the grass.

Ducklings will nibble on the blades of grass rather than eat the grass until the bills are big enough to actually break the blades.

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