This newbie just hatched 11 out of 15 eggs!!


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Feb 8, 2011
We officially have 11 chicks out of 15 chicks out of their shells!!!! Yesterday late afternoon the first one hatched and we were there to see it. Amazing is the only was I can describe it
I went to bed thinking that none of the others would hatch and well they did!! I got to see the last one hatch just when I woke up also.

so now I have to keep them all in their for 24 hours but what about the last 4 eggs? won't they die if I open the incubator? My already dried off chicks are pecking the chicks that just come out of the shell...I don't know why but I feel bad
I can't open it quick if the other eggs haven't pipped yet right?

what should I do? I don't want the current baby chicks to get to week and die because of no food or water

thank you!! I am so excited

I put pictures on my blog if u want to see and I will add more

ETA today is day 21 for me ..thanks!
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I open the incubator and pull dry chicks out all the time. I'm not sure why people are so against this? As long as it's an open -- reach in -- grab a chick or two -- close it up again thing, I don't see the big deal. It's certainly never negatively affected my remaining eggs, whether they're still intact, pipped, or zipped.

For me, since I don't hatch in cartons or a turner, it's more a concern for the remaining eggs. The dry chicks get pretty active after awhile and start batting around the other eggs quite hard. I'd rather get them out under the heat lamp to finish fluffing out and let the rest of the eggs hatch in peace.
With that many running around I'd personally take them out quickly...but honestly the chicks are fine. Its the eggs I'd be worried about. And if they haven't pipped then I'd be less concerned. I'd take most if not all of the chicks out, add hot water for humidity (papertowel works great) and then wait. Others will strongly disagree.
thanks everyone, as of today I have 14 of 15 eggs hatched. The only one that hasn't pipped or hatched yet is my one silkie
I am so happy I had such great success though! I am almost in shock because I never thought they'd hatch!!

I ended up taking the other chicks out and I was glad I did because they fluffed up and are doing well in the brooder!!! Thanks for the advice

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