this november has been bad.. what the heck? update

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    May 12, 2009
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    first my mom 78 yr got a bowel blockage. she had surgery the 3rd it has been almost 4 weeks and she is still barely able to get out of bed.. not good and she lives 2 day drive from is my dads birthday but he passed this last january.. went to get the last of my thanksgiving dinner groceries and it wouldn't take my debit visa card so i tried to write a check but both denied??? ok i know i have money so they had to put back all my groceries.. embarrassing.... get home to check my banking acct online and of course it is out of commision and it is too late to call the bank. then hubby walks in and he is sick.. with a stomach bug.. so there goes thanksgiving at my house. grandkids and family don't want the bug.. so in the morning i go back on line and check my banking and there is zero in my savings and checking accts.. someone got my visa debit card number and made themselves a card then took all my christmas money and rent money and airfare money to visit mom...... i am not only sad but angry.. hubby is asleep and i am basically alone eating a bowl of cereal for thanksgiving dinner.. bah hum bug lol .. at least we get to debate the purchases since they are out of state.. but how long will it take to get reimbursed... this really bites and ty for listening. out of 38 yrs of marriage this is the first day like this ever!!!!! guess i am spoiled.. i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and enjoyed their family and friends.... say a prayer for my mom if you can she is all alone in a rehab hospital for thanksgiving. no family anywhere near her. god bless you all . linda

    went to the bank this friday morn and they will have the money back to us in about 5 days.. a couple of the purchases were 47 dollars at burger king .. how much can you eat there???? then the next was 250 dollars at a beauty supply place.. i guess after all that food you need all the help you can get... [​IMG] anyways thanks for all the up lifting and prayers.. you are all great and i am proud to belong to such a great group of people.. god bless... linda
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    Oh no. [​IMG] Hopefully things can only get better from here. When everyone complains about how much weight they gained over TG you can brag about the weight you lost. [​IMG] Best wishes to you and your family.
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    Awwww heck Linda, so sorry to hear all the crap coming your way. All I can offer is best wishes and lots of hugs. Hope it all gets better very soon.
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    I had that happen to my account. They usually give you half back right away and then the rest within 30 days.
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    I am so sorry to read about all your hardships. I hope you will be able to see your mom soon.Some banks are quick to refund the money.When someone used my debit card I had to file a police report,and then fill out forms with the bank. I am pretty sure I got my money back,and I told them to cancel the debit card. So horrid that people will do this to others. Hugs and speedy healings for all!

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