This rabbit is on my nerves!!!!

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  1. yesterday my buck rabbit got out of his cage. yes, he is an outside critter. He pushed his feeder and squeezed through that tiny hole! I couldn't believe it![​IMG] We FINALLY caught this guy, with a fishnet, after a LONG while, and put him back in his hutch.He has never been nice, he never has been wanted to be held, and he is not what i want to be breeding into our pets... So my question is, does anybody want a bad rabbit?[​IMG]
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    May 2, 2011
    Would love him if you would deliver him to Spain. [​IMG]

    I have a female that does that too. Had to wire the food compartment on now. I was often seen running round the garden like a mad woman with a childs fishing net !![​IMG]
  3. thank goodness i am not the only now with a problem like that![​IMG]
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    Mar 14, 2012
    Oh definitely NOT the only one! Our buck is completely anti social.:(
  5. Buck hates me :(
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    Darn near all our rabbits are anti social.. a rabbit is a prey animal, not a teddy bear.. being held is akin to being held by a predator. Unless you hold them a lot since they were tiny, they may never like it (even then I not sure they all do). Being afraid and responding is a natural response, that doesn't make them bad, it makes them a rabbit.
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  7. ya, i guess. but i wish he would like me! I let him outside in a pen sometimes. he gets to eat lettuce, I baby him! i wish i would get something else from him beside a brat attitude..
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    Hey Chloe, if you want a tame rabbit, there are some breeds that are *generally* much more docile than others. Out of all the breeds I've had experience with, English lops have just blown me aware with their personalities. Bucks tend to be the more cuddly of the two genders. My buck is neutered, and isa love sponge. He actually free ranges in the bedroom and sleeps in the bed. He'll actively nudge you for cuddling, and will follow you around the house. They are a much lower activity breed than any other breed I've seen, and aren't skittery like some of the other breeds. English lops are a breed I see used often in therapy animal work. If kept outside though, I'm not sure how tame they get, and they need special care due to their ear length. Something to consider for future rabbits though.

    I've met and owned some sweet rabbits, but these guys have topped them all in tameness/wanting to interact with you.
  9. We thought that mini rex were supposed to be sweet, but only Angel is.[​IMG] Buck is not sweet. is offspring are, but not him.
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    There was a standard rex I practically lived with at my neighbor's house, and because I started handling him young, he was super sweet and tame. His siblings would all kick and bite though as they had barely been handled, and not from a young age. That could be a reason why his offspring are much calmer (assuming they are handled when young that is). Did you buy him as an adult?
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