This should get.... Interesting.


6 Years
Aug 21, 2013
So my turkeys started laying and we don't yet have a tom... (mums scared of them and im still trying to convince her to let me have one) The ducks layed in this nesting box down the yard and then left the eggs and well... Along comes Frederick (we were miss informed of gender there) and sits on them, shes layed eggs in there as well but im thinking she might successfully hatch the duck eggs?
No reason she can not hatch the duck eggs. I've raised many ducklings under surrogate chicken hens. The 'mothers' go nuts when their kids enter the water.
yeah, this is what i was thinjking would happen poor old turkey will go off her head when the ducklings go in the ****. :p

My hens sitting on duck eggs hasent hatched them yet but she is determand, my other girl I bought two baby turkeys and she accepted them. :)

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