This will not end well.

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by bakerjw, Feb 20, 2011.

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    I bought a top brand incubator for over $150.00 and it will not hold the temps worth a darn. From 104 this morning to 92 this evening I am more than disgusted. And this is after having to build a foam insulating box to cover it to help soften ambient temperature changes. That said it is not a brand that is a foam box. I have 40 eggs in it at the moment and luckily I only bought 12 White Rock eggs for $16.00 so I am not out that much. All I can do now is try to keep on top of the temps and hope for the best. Before demanding a refund of the manufacturer.

    Sorry. I had to vent somewhere.

    I do have a large Omaha steaks styrofoam box that I think will be getting converted into an incubator. Luckily I work as a electrical engineer for Siemens so I can integrate an RTD temperature sensor into my PLC home control system and keep the temperature rock solid in the future. And I can do that for a whole lot less than I paid for this #$^^[email protected]! incubator.

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    Why not warn us all and tell us what you bought?

    Have you contacted the company to tell them?
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    As a fellow engineer (Electrical) I bought a Brinsea after much studying. That make is absolutely rock solid, I can count on one hand where the temp. deviation got to 99.6 in my first and so far into my second hatch. I also have a styrofoam cooler from Omaha, I plan to make that into a bigger incubator once I get a good handle from my Brinsea. I have the Mini Advance so I can only do 7 eggs at a time right now, but once I have the feel for incubation, I plan to build and do more at one time.
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    It sounds like the wafer thermostat is bad. replace it & try again. [​IMG]

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    is it the top hatch with the light bulb, that thing is a piece of junk, kept mine for 5 min and it went back to the store, if its not stay away from that one too

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