This years chicks...... (pic)


Ye Olde Henhouse Builder
13 Years
Feb 18, 2008
Eaton County, Michigan
Just thought I'd snap a picture of this years babies.

5 BBS Orps from Miss Prissy (hatched here)
5 Mutts from the neighbor (hatched here)
5 SLW which I bought in a order with some other BYC Michiganders.

Look at them. Do you see pretty hen or tough roosters? I see roosters in the flock.

1st one on the left- look at the thick legs and feet. Look at the way it stands, head up and alert. The other one in the middle head down pecking looks like a cockeral to me too. The dark one just behind them - Cockeral.

Mark them, Steve. See if I am right or wrong.

It is far easier to predict the cockerals than to 'see' the pullets.

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