Thought she was a she all this time ~ opinions?


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May 15, 2008
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I couldn't get a good pic of Tallulah's body before my camera battery died...anyone have an opinion just from this view? Sienna's comb and wattles are not as big and not as red. Someone said that maybe Tallulah's ready to lay but Sienna isn't ~ Sienna's been the "slower" of the two in development.

TY in advance

It looks like a Rhode Island Red (or mix of), but its hard to say if its a rooster or not. I would expect to see a bigger comb/waddles unless it is still fairly young. Does it crow? Does it have the rooster leg spurs? Search the web and take a look at some rooster/hen comparison photos for Rhode Island Reds. That was how we realized that our "Henrietta" was really a "Henry."
Tallulah is a Red-Sex-Link

Just got off the phone with the hatchery and they called the farmer for me. He's positive Tallulah is a Tallulah and not a Thomas.

She's 4 days short of 4 months old, no spurs, and she doesn't crow but she does copy the noises my Cornish X makes (they sound like grumbly old ladies lol).

Here's a pic of her and her sister Sienna, I know it's not a good one but it's the most recent, taken today.


edit: Sienna's the one on the right
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Well...thank you for my education also because I wasn't familiar with what the sex-linked chickens were. I've just always said I had RIRs. After being inspired to browse the web a bit, it looks like I have ISA Browns. Granted, they are a mix of the RIR and we have always expected they were a mix, but its nice to have a better clue of their breed. Here is a shot of one of my girls:

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