Thoughts for my new coop-what do you all think thus far?

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  1. Dilly

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Hi everyone,

    Well I am still contemplating and fretting over doing this right, even to the point of thinking what if the chickens attract rats, how can I prepare in advance to keep the girls safe.

    So here are some thought I have that I am pretty content with, all opinions and suggestions very much appreciated. Plans for 6 hens.

    1) We will be building the coop inside the barn with an attached 16x70 covered run, with 4x4's down the center to peak the cover into a tee, We will run 2x4 to each 4x4 for strength, nailed down on top of 4x4. Then the cover will drap over and down to be attached to the existing five foot corral panals on each side which are lined with welded wired.

    2) Coop Size will be 8x10X7'high with four nests approximately 18" off the ground (is this sufficient), with access to eggs from the outside.--- a walk through door, a poop bin along the short wall, with a pull out bin for easy cleaning. Roost will be directly above the poop bin, One 2x4, 4 inch side flat for easy perching. Hung 18' down from ceiling. 14-16 inches off of the wall. (is this far enough to keep them from pooping down the wall?) Windows cut out on all four sides, screened with the metal cloth, and wooden shutters with the ability to close up tight during colder months.(these I will make as large as possible for air flow)

    3) I will install a ladder as well, but hope they do not use it as a perch.

    4) I have decided on putting shower board on the floor, as well as putting it on all walls up four feet. Sealing all gaps and corners with water tight sealant.

    5) hanging feeders- water to be minimal inside coop and the main water system in the run area.

    6) Floor is to be covered in pine shavings and DE. As well as the poop bin.

    7) Nests same material as above.

    8) A light on a timer.

    9) We are going to install the welded wire cloth material with the tiny little squares under the floor during construction and run it at least a foot up each side, to pervent hopefully anything trying to chew its way into the coop. Then the siding and interior walls will cover it. So the wire will sit on the dirt, come up the exterior walls a foot.

    10) We will insulate the walls and floor.

    That is as far as I have gotten so far, anyone see a problem with any of what I think will work here? I know my husband will probably find areas where what I want makes no sense. [​IMG]
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    It looks like you are on the right track. Rats are normally only a big problem when food is not properly stored, feeders are easy to access, or the coop has far to much feed tossed on the floor by the chickens.
  3. Dilly

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Thanks, crazy but the more I think about it the more questions and more time I spend reading. lol By the time I get this all sorted out, the newness will be all gone.

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