Thoughts from my dog (and pics)

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    Hi. My name is Bella (mom sometimes calls me “Beelzebub” when I am bad). I was not named after the girl from the movie, but people always ask my mom that and she gets mad. I am a Great Dane but my mom says that I mostly act like a cat. It’s a good thing too, since mom has so many cats.
    My favorite thing to do is to wait until mom’s chickens are all out grazing the yard together, then run full speed at them, sending them clucking and scampering away in a tizzy of feathers. Mom yells at me when I do it, so I don’t do it too often, I don’t want to make her mad. I like the chickens because they smell neat and make nifty noises.
    Mom calls me beautiful, but she also says that nobody can be brilliant and beautiful. I know she is wrong because I am smart enough to hack into her computer and sign on to BYC and post in her name. Neener neener, mom.
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    Sep 13, 2013
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    Beautiful dog! I love the danes!

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