Thoughts on switching incubators mid-incubation Need input.

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    Jun 12, 2018
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    I was just gifted a new incubator a hatch right 360. I have been using a Chinese incubator for incubating. Down sides have been having to monitor temps like a hawk, plus it has insanely complicated ways to set it because you have to decode it all.

    I am in mid-incubation of a set of Black East Indie Duck eggs on day 18.
    8D0FC504-2597-4107-839E-85FF58560AA4.jpeg BDC9F561-3C8D-4483-A9EA-981D89206BD6.jpeg ED4A1D08-D03C-490A-B6DC-FB05D9C395EC.jpeg C2C26E53-52BC-4864-AC15-DBEA9951E1EE.png 6F6F7A68-B4BD-44FC-9E2E-0332BC9A1991.jpeg 0613B806-8BC2-4E8A-B5EB-06A0BF59DBBA.png 47EA6D05-1743-4523-98E1-5452E9174B72.png

    This is what they look like today. Would you move them to this new incubator which is a side turning incubator from the Chinese incubator which is an upright turn incubator this late in the game? Also I am thinking 11 quit on me as it has absolutely no veins in it whatsoever.
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    As Long As Your Temp & Humidity Are Right . I Would Not See Any Reason Why You Can't Move Them Over To The New Incubator...
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    Run the new incubator a couple of days before moving the eggs, so you get used to it and figure out any kinks. Check temps and humidity with at least two thermometers and hygrometers. I had a brand new expensive machine be 0.4 C wrong, so don't trust the thermometer that follows the machine before you check it and double check it...

    And yeah, 11 looks dead. :(
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