Thoughts on what breed these ducks are?

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Jan 14, 2017
I bought 10 duck eggs on ebay in February.. incubated them and hatched 7. the seller said they were a mixed run, some being pekin/indian runner etc. He has multiple breeds of ducks, not sure what he all has. I know 2 are pekin but not sure about the black/yellow ones or the gray/yellow ones. some have black feet/black yellow feet. Any ideas? They are 1 week old, 6 days old and 5 days old. These are our first ducks. Also, some hatched on day 29 and the last on day 31.


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Looks to me like a very cute bunch of mixed breed ducks.

That meaning that each bird is mixed/not one breed.

I like mixed very much. Each bird will be unique and adorable.
Thanks! They are really cute, can't wait to see what they look like when they grow! I was just trying to figure out if they could be mixed with something other than pekin/indian runner. one of them took almost 32 days to hatch.
Late hatching could have been temps in the bator. One area not as warm as another. I don't see any Muscovy in the bunch. They take 35-37 days to hatch.

Your ducklings are adorable :love

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