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  1. Hey!I'm new here. I have raised chickens for years but they were always mixed breeds, now that I've found homes for my previous flock (my neighbour asked for them and she's amazing) I am restarting. What are y'all's favorite breeds and why?
    Annnnd Go! Thanks in advance!
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    Guess it all depends on what you want to keep chickens for - meat, eggs (and or colours), dual purpose, eye-candy and how you intend to keep them (free range or not). I'm sure that there's lots of other variables to take into account.

    This search may help you - choosing chicken breed chart
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    Oh the choices! I don't have just one favorite, but here are three from my top ten, in no particular order.

    1. Orpington- Big and puffy with a nice, docile temperament. A good dual purpose breed, and the girls make very good mommas. The roos have been pretty even-tempered in my experience. I really like all the color varieties, but my favorite has and probably always will be Jubilee.

    2. Sussex- Both of my Speckled Sussex hens have always been exceptionally curious and into things, which I really like about them. They are fair layers and just fun to have around.

    3. Wyandotte- Another good dual purpose bird. Nicely tempered and beautiful, my favorite being Blue Lace Red. The hens I have are good layers, and my roo is a perfect gentleman.

    A big x2 to CTKen. Your purpose for your birds also plays a heavy role in choosing breed. Best of luck to you!
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    Silkies generally go broody often and can be used as "natural incubators," - they are also kid favorites.
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  5. Thank you!!! I'm going to look at the speckled Sussex and check them out real quick :)
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    I agree with Ken--favorite for what? My favorite layer, my favorite meat bird, my favorite broody, my favorite breeding project birds, my favorite eye candy.......what are you looking for in a bird?
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    Speckled Sussex.

    I have two speckled sussexes and I love them. They are so pretty and so sweet! Plus, they are great layers!

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