Three Cheers for Duck Eggs!!


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Sep 28, 2012
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We recently bought a bunch of eggs (chicken and duck) from another forum member here (who has also become a good friend). I hadn't eaten yet today so I decided I would have eggs for lunch. I'd never had duck eggs before so I decided to be "daring" and try those. It's daring for me because I rarely deviate from the norm. In any case... OMG!! I found a new favorite food! I really like chicken eggs (always have) but duck eggs? WOW! They're a lot richer than chicken eggs, so I could really only eat one instead of the normal 2 I eat from chickens. They're SO 'dense' and tasty! I was FLOORED. I thought they'd just taste like a chicken egg (an egg is an egg is an egg) not so.

If you've never tried duck eggs (for eating) I HIGHLY suggest them - boy are they yummy.
I had it fried in olive oil, no salt, but a touch of cheese.
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Jan 9, 2009
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I only use my duck's eggs for baking. I remember my mom just LOVED duck eggs! She said they taste so much more tasty than a chickens egg, like you say. Maybe I should deviate from the "norm" and give one a try!

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