Three Chickens: Hens or Roo's


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8 Years
Sep 4, 2011
Hi all,

We are newbies to both chickens and this site and we are looking for a little help. We bought 4 chickens this past spring in hopes of getting some eggs from them as well as pets. We supposedly bought 4 hens but as of this morning when I heard loud crowing coming from the coop area I assume I have at least one rooster. Ive attached 3 pictures of 3 different chickens in hopes of someone telling us if they are Hens or Roo's.

All the chickens are about 16 weeks old and the pics are of 2 RIR's and 1 Americauna. The two RIR's have very small nubs where the Surs would be.

Thanks in advance..
They all look like boys to me.

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