three days additional waiting, then did the deed

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    One of my hens was sitting on eggs. She finally hatched out three chicks on the 21st day. She still had about 6 left under her that had not hatched. She was not budging off the nest awaiting the others to hatch. I still waited three more days to see if they would hatch. Butter late then never? I was afraid for the three chicks that had already hatched, not getting any food or water etc,. I looked carefully at the remaining eggs, no signs of pipping, nothing. I figured that they were not gonna hatch so I removed her & her three chicks to a nice cage with plenty of food & water. I smelled the remaining eggs also. Still nothing. So I carefully opened one!! A chick, underdeveloped but alive. A sacrifice for nothing. So I figured the ramaining 5 were alive also. Since I had another hen sitting, I just marked these eggs and slid them under that hen. Was I correct in waiting three days, would you guys have done the same thing? OR did I jump the gun & should have waited longer? Meantime, the hatched three would possibly go a week or more with no nutrition waiting til the others hatched. Suggestions?

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    I'm sure I would have done the same thing, don't beat yourself up over it. Lesson learned..right?

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