Three hens showing signs of...WHAT???


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Jan 24, 2009
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I've been researching for about an hour, and am stumped...hoping someone can help me. I have three hens, one a Sultan, one a Brahama, and one an EE...they are all having difficulty swallowing, open mouth breathing, (but not constantly) and are sneeze/coughing off and on...still able to eat and all three still have good appetites. I've noticed the Brahama has been looking a bit poofy and pale, as has the Sultan. Was able to look in the Sultans throat, and could only see one white roundish something in the back of her throat...

I looked at gapeworm articles, but am not convinced this is the problem...looked at respiratory infections, but am discouraged at how many symptoms match several respiratory problems...

They free range, eat 16% Layena pellets, get scratch every other day, and some treats from the kitchen...

Thanks - Lynn

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